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Our goals

Among the basic tasks of  the Center are:

  •  To work out methodology and the standards of applying mediative and other conciliation procedures (pre-trial, out-of-court, during proceedings in courts); to suggest unified qualification requirements for mediators based on the analysis and creative adjustment of the best international and domestic practice;
  • Exchange of information on the experience of application of conciliation procedures, providing information support and advice to the specialists as well as to other persons anxious to obtain information and advice on mediation and ADR;
  • Organising scientific and practical regional and industry-based seminars and conferences in order to provide information, clarifications and training on the principles and skills of conciliation procedures and other alternative dispute resolution methods;
  • Forming the information base on mediative organizations and centers training specialists in ADR;
  • Promoting, working out and implementing the programs aimed at putting into practice and promotion of ADR, conciliation and mediation procedures together with educational institutions of any level.

Center is formed as national certification center for voluntary certification of the centers of training of mediators, training programs and Russian-speaking specialists who have completed the training in mediation. 


SOMEDIARS is an interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral center. We are ready to directly cooperate with organizations of scientific research, training and educational institutions and scientific-methodological organizations  irrespective of their property and legal form, jointly work out and implement purpose- and object-oriented programs in the field of mediation and ADR together with the national organizations of mediators (per branch – family, commercial, judges in support of mediation and ADR, “peer mediation” in schools and universities etc.- and per region; demonstration and conduct of mock mediations in the schools and academic institutions) and for ADR (negotiation methods in intercultural context, restorative justice, conciliation, domestic and international arbitration).