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Qualifying Assessment Programs (QAP)

Systems of voluntary accreditation of mediators and mediators specialized in intercultural mediation shall allow Russian-speaking specialists, wherever they live and practice, to obtain confirmation of quality of their training and for experienced mediators – to get recognition of their skills and international certification.

SOMEDIARS assesses training programs and courses for their compliance with criteria and requirements of QAP for training of specialists wishing to be further accredited by SOMEDIARS and certified by IMI.

SOMEDIARS system of voluntary accreditation and certification includes two levels: accreditation for specialists who have completed their training but who lack practical experience, and IMI certification for experienced specialists anxious to get international recognition of their skills.

These two levels of assessment are established for the following purposes:

  • To encourage young specialists in learning and using ADR skills as mediators and as advisors in mediation (the age limit for SOMEDIARS accreditation is not established, preparation for and participance in international mediation contests (ICC, Eurasian international commercial mediation competitionis counted in the number of hours of training for the programs approved by SOMEDIARS), to educate the habit in using ADR and mediation, enhancement of trust in the procedure and in the specialists who conduct it.
  • To develop and disseminate the skills of intercultural dispute resolution (training in special programs approved by SOMEDIARS).
  • To establish unified supranational training standards allowing to guarantee international recognition of quality of training of the Russian-speaking specialists, actual recognition of the profession.

Higher level of assessment is available for experienced mediators who have conducted at least 20 full-scale mediations. Once certified, such specialists are included on the unified list (data base) of IMI Certified Mediators.