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Creating the System of Alternative Dispute Resolution Tools

COMING SOON: The manual Creating the System of Alternative Dispute Resolution Tools: Conflict-Free Society as a Basis of Couteraction against Corruption: scientific and practical manual authored by  N-Gaidaenko Schaer, the editor-in-chief Doctor of Law N.Semilyutina.

The manual published by the Institute of Legislation and Comparative Law with the Government of the Russian Federation contains an overview of various dispute resolution tools which still have to gain popularity in Russia (in particular, it deals with ombudsmen, mediation in different spheres of social life, including consumer dispute resolution, dispute resolution boards in long-term investment projects). ADR is understood in this manual as a set of legal dispute resolution tools whereby  the parties in conflict avoid submitting their dispute to  State courts. In particular, it deals with negotiations, claim procedure, mediation, domestic arbitration, international commercial arbitration. ADR allows to decrease social tension, helps to develop dialog between the members of the society, to overcome the disbalance of forces and to diminish the workload of  State courts, thus improving the administration of justice and  building trust in the judicial system.

The manual stresses the role of lawyers in the development and application of ADR tools. It contains a description of qualities and skills required from  lawyers accompanying their clients in ADR procedures (based on IMI MA-QAP programs) and the recommendations for the education the law students in the use of ADR, including the Rules, the cases and the Assessment form of the 1st Eurasian International Commercial Mediation Competition for Russian–speaking students held in Svetlogorsk in May 2014.  Should you wish to get a copy, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.